It was a cold February day at Arlington National Cemetery. I had photographed six funerals. I cried at two of them, they were young soldiers I didn't even know. I was freezing, and emotionally and physically spent.

If it was like this for me after one day, what was it like for the soldiers that did this everyday?

I knew there was a story about The Old Guard Soldiers and the funerals at Arlington that I needed to tell.

When I went back and saw my classmate's Jimmy's headstone, I knew this was not just a project, but my mission.

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    Kate Karwan Burgess

    Photographer & Author

    Who am I?

    West Point '95 Grad. Left the Army after 7 years to pursue photography full-time. Earned an MA in Photography from Ohio University. Married to Army Veteran with three wonderful kids and rescue dog named Queso.

    Contact me directly at [email protected]


    Why this book?

    You will learn how and why The Old Guard soldiers render honors to the fallen at Arlington Cemetery. Filled with beautiful images, interesting facts, and behind-the-scene stories.

    It will leave you inspired and proud.